The Two Most Common Personal Bankruptcy Options

Your Personal Bankruptcy Options

If you are considering filing for personal bankruptcy protection, you can easily be confused about the different options available to you. Here are the basic options for obtaining personal bankruptcy protection.

Chapter 7 Case

In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding, you are allowed to replace with most debts certain debts in exchange for the sale of some of your assets. There are some limitations on the debts you may discharge. Customarily, you cannot discharge the debt on secured assets—homes or cars—and still keep the property. Additionally, child support and alimony arrearages cannot be wiped out in bankruptcy, and student loan and tax debts are very difficult to discharge.

With respect to things you are financing like your car or home if you want to keep it you have to continue to make the payments. If the thing you are financing is work less than what you owe, you have the option to give it back to the lender and owe them nothing or keep it but continue with the payments.

Under the revisions to the federal bankruptcy laws in 2005, you must now qualify for Chapter 7 by submitting to a means test, where the bankruptcy court determines if you make too much money to be in Chapter 7, in which case your options are to file Chapter 13 or no bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 Reorganization

In a Chapter 13 petition, you work out new payment arrangements with your creditors, agreeing to settle your debts over a three-to-five year period. Often, you will be able to get late fees and penalties waived. As long as you honor your new commitments, your creditors cannot make any additional efforts to collect on a debt.

The Automatic Stay

Whether you file for protection under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, you are immediately entitled to the protection of the automatic stay, which prevents your creditors from calling, writing or taking any legal action outside of the bankruptcy proceeding to collect a debt from you.

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