• Mr. Hargrave was the trustee at my husband’s bankruptcy. He also answered questions for me when our bankruptcy attorney didn’t follow through with our case. He was very helpful and kind. We have a problem now concerning our stimulus payments. Our tax preparer put the wrong bank account on our 2019 return. Therefore all of our stimulus money went to someone else. I have proof of this from the IRS. I have the name and bank account number. However, I feel it is our tax preparers fault and he should help us recover the money, $6400.00. Is this something Mr. Hargrave can help us with or can he refer us to another attorney? We need this money to pay off some debts and medical bills. We don’t want to end up in bankruptcy again.

    Thank you, Nancy Abbott

  • Dear Mr. Hargrave: I am writing to “thank you” again for the kindness you have shown me in the past year. Even though you were not my attorney in my Chapter 13, I had contacted you, through your website, about questions that had me so worried, that for some reason my own attorney would not take the time to answer for me. Even though you didn’t know who I was, or what I wanted, you contacted me immediately to help me with my questions and gave me the answers I needed. You were so kind and your demeanor so calming, that you helped me with the anxiety I was having with these issues.

    More recently, upon having another issue with my Chapter 13, with more questions and worries that again my own attorney could not take the time to explain, I contacted you and you immediately returned my call. You went over all my issues, explained in detail what was happening, why it was happening and what to expect in the future. AGAIN you were so kind and took the time to talk to me and would not accept any payment from me. Needless to say, in the future, if anything should arise, I will be asking you to represent me and if anyone I know should need help with their finances or with a Bankruptcy, I would be honored and without hesitation, recommend you as you have so much knowledge, and are willing to take the time to explain to your clients, in such a stressful time, what they need and want to know.

    You have something that hardly exists anymore in this world, you’re a good person with a kind heart, you show compassion and the willingness to really help someone in a time in their life, when things have gone so wrong, that they feel like it doesn’t seem to be worth anything anymore.

    With my deepest respect. ~ CB

  • Dear John — My wife and I would really like to thank you for all your help with our chapter 13 bankruptcy case. From the first time we met with you, you put our minds at ease and we knew we had come to the best law firm. Two year ago, we started robbing Peter to pay Paul as the first effects of our failing economy caused my wife’s salary to be reduced. Earlier this year, my pay was also reduced, to the point that we knew we needed help right away. We went to a credit card consolidation counselor only to find out that even with the plan they had come up with, we wouldn’t be able to afford the monthly payment.

    We were very uncomfortable with the idea of filing a bankruptcy, we didn’t even know there were several different types or chapters of bankruptcy. When my wife found your office through your website, I was a little skeptical about this whole idea, but after meeting with you I knew that we had absolutely done the right thing. Together with your knowledge and experience and the way you had explained every phase of our case, we felt more at ease than we had in a long time. As the case moved along you and your staff were always available for our questions and concerns, but the most impressive thing was the results of the case.

    Along with saving us a lot of money, you have saved our home, and had our monthly bills reduced to a very affordable single payment. You have also always made us feel relaxed by not being judgmental. Thanks again for all of your help. ~ T.P.

  • Dear John — I am taking this opportunity to say, “thank you very much!” for your expert advice and assistance in achieving financial protection through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. I recently received my formal “notice of discharge” which finally ended this cycle and brought with it a welcomed relief and a blessing. Not only would I not hesitate to highly recommend your services to others, but have already spoken about you to a couple of associates who may soon be in need such assistance. I am confident that you will provide them with the same high degree of professionalism and care that you gave me. Your advice has been exceptional and I value the friendship that we have developed during the process. Thanks again for all your guidance and for turning what could have been an extremely stressful experience into a tolerable, business-like procedure. ~ J.C.P.

    Dear John — Thank you for helping us through this very difficult time. At the risk of being melodramatic, I was one depressed and mentally paralyzed basket case. I’m not sure how we would have gotten through the process without your understanding, encouragement and kindness. While the consequences of bankruptcy will be with us for a while, we at least have a chance to start to rebuild our lives. Thank you again for you expert services and kind words. ~ L.M.B.

  • Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover Testimonial

    Dear John — I am writing to thank you for introducing me and my husband to Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover. Let me first say coming to your office was very difficult for me, I have spent quite a long time fooling myself in believing that I had my finances in control, and it ended up taking just a little strain to break my house of cards. I was devastated to think that between the incomes of both my husband and myself, we were living way beyond our means and couldn’t afford to keep up.

    Our first meeting with you proved to be more than informative, you not only helped me to understand the bankruptcy but you took the time to make sure we understood that we needed to become financially secure and well educated in budgeting and making a plan for our greater goals. You had suggested that we both take the time to read a book called Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey, and we did, in fact, we purchased it as soon as we left your office!

    This book has really provided an excellent map to help guide us in getting organized and staying focused on paying our bills, savings for our future and becoming financially free- meaning debt free. The author did not “speak” in large over-our-head language, but spoke as if the author was standing next to you and telling you how you got in debt and how your going to pull yourself out of the muck and never get there again. The book kept us interested and motivated, the first book we have actually completed in a long time. Surprisingly, we even spent time reading together and discussing how we needed to start saving for our emergency fund, where we would hide it, and what we both considered an emergency. Unfortunately, new shoes didn’t make the list anymore!

    We have both now taken a very active role in making sure that we stick to our budget, only spend what we have set in our budget envelopes, and prioritize between our wants and needs. We now don’t have conversations that start with . . . I thought we had more than that in our account. And most importantly, our conversations remain conversations and not arguments.

    We now have such a solid plan, and while it has certainly not been an easy adjustment, we both know that if we sacrifice a little now, and ignore some giggling from friends about not going out to dinner or having envelopes delegate our spending, later on we will be living like no one else.

    We can not thank you enough for suggesting this book, it had really helped us regain control of so many aspects of our lives. We both feel confident we will continue to follow the books plan and not to be hurtful, secure that we will never have to see you again! Sincerely, K. & J.