Eliminating Credit Card Debt through Bankruptcy | Credit Card Debt Help

People get in over their heads with credit card debt for many reasons. A family member suffers a serious medical condition and health insurance doesn’t cover nearly enough of the costs. A job loss may require temporary reliance on credit. A missed payment can send interest rates skyrocketing out of control.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Can Eliminate Credit Card Debt

No matter how you got into deep credit card debt, there is a way out. In this country we do not put people in debtor’s prisons. Rather, our Constitution, as originally written in 1797, provides people the opportunity for a fresh financial start. Even Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson needed debt relief.

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Credit Card Debt Help and Bankruptcy

If you qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, your credit card debt will be wiped out in most cases. Other unsecured debt that can be erased through Chapter 7 bankruptcy includes unpaid medical bills and personal loans.

In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, your credit card debt and other debt will be reorganized into a reasonable and affordable payment plan that is workable for you and your family and paid over three to five years. When you have made all the payments under your Chapter 13 plan, your debts are wiped out, even if you have only paid a small percentage of what you owed.

Filing for bankruptcy can also:

Bankruptcy Immediately Stops Creditor Harassment

Eliminating credit card debt can seem next to impossible when you don’t know your options. Our debt-relief attorneys can help you understand your options so you can make an informed decision about filing for bankruptcy and eliminating credit card debt.

Debt Settlement Versus Bankruptcy for Credit Card Debt?

If you are considering working with a debt-settlement company to resolve your debt, talk with an experienced debt-relief attorney as well. Most settlement companies do not guarantee results. They charge a huge fee, and you must go into default on your credit card accounts in order for the creditors to settle for less than what they are owed.

Our law firm’s founder, John Hargrave, is a bankruptcy court trustee, which means that he supervises bankruptcies in New Jersey. In fact, he has supervised more than 15,000 such bankruptcies, and has often seen debt settlement companies sued for taking a debtor’s money and not doing what they promised.

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