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As you accumulate points on your driver’s license in New Jersey, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (also known as the Department of Motor Vehicles, or DMV) will impose a surcharge. A DMV surcharge can be costly, and the amount varies, depending on the driving offense.

If you cannot afford to pay the DMV surcharges levied by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, the DMV will then suspend your driver’s license. The state can even obtain a lien against you for unpaid surcharges — after suspending your license!

Countless good people have had their driver’s licenses suspended because they chose to pay their mortgage or other bills rather than their DMV surcharge. It’s not fair. It’s not right. But it’s the law.

Can You Eliminate NJ DMV Surcharges Through Bankruptcy?

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Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy currently can wipe out the state’s DMV surcharges in most situations, even surcharges resulting from a DUI or DWI.

DMV Surcharges and Bankruptcy

When you file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the DMV will allow you to immediately reinstate your license if your suspension was because you could not pay a surcharge. When you receive your bankruptcy discharge, the DMV surcharges will also be discharged.

However, if your license gets suspended for a reason other than non-payment of DMV surcharges, a bankruptcy filing will not allow you to reinstate your license immediately.

Restore Your Driver’s License

You can restore your license after filing for bankruptcy by:

  • Paying a $100 fee to the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC)
  • Paying in person at a Regional Service Center
  • Paying in person at an MVC agency that offers walk-in service
  • Sending a check or money order payable to:
    New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission
    P.O. Box 140
    Trenton, NJ 08650

Municipal Court Fines and Bankruptcy

You will not be able to discharge municipal court fines through bankruptcy. You can, however, negotiate a workable payment plan.

Bankruptcy Protection Stops Creditor Harassment

Bankruptcy will also end creditor harassment, and it can prevent foreclosure, stop repossession, and end wage garnishment. In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you may be able to erase your credit card debt, unpaid medical bills, and other unsecured personal loans.

Talk with a Debt-Relief Attorney about Bankruptcy and Wiping Out DMV Surcharges

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