Is Your Past Haunting You?

The Zombie Apocalypse probably won’t occur, but these creatures can still haunt your credit report, even if you filed bankruptcy.

Also known as debt scavengers, zombie debt-buyers purchase delinquent credit card accounts, overdue payday loans and other unsecured debt that the original lender wrote off as uncollectible. Since the debt may be eight or nine years old, or even older, the purchaser only pays a few cents on the dollar for the right to collect the account. Typically, after running a skip trace to find the debtor’s current contact information, the letters and phone calls begin.

Legally, a debt-buyer is supposed to provide written verification of the debt upon request. Since these accounts are so old, the original records may have been lost or destroyed. Many time, a zombie debt-buyer may only have a name, account number and outstanding balance.

Dealing with Zombie Debt During a Chapter 7

If you get a call from a debt collector before your bankruptcy is discharged, tell the caller that you have hired a bankruptcy lawyer and provide them with your attorney’s name and phone number. That’s all you need to do. Do not volunteer any other information and politely refuse to answer any questions. If you receive a letter, give it to your attorney.

If you get another call or letter, repeat the same process. Do not argue with the person about the debt. Let your lawyer handle that for you.

Dealing with Zombie Debt After a Chapter 7

Once you receive your discharge order, keep a copy of both the petition and order close at hand, because you’ll probably need them again.

Monitor your credit report closely. If another debt-buyer appears, be proactive and send them a copy of the discharge order. If they call, politely give them the case number and discharge date and then hang up. If they keep calling, you may need to speak to an attorney to get the harassment to stop.

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