Dealing with an Aggressive Creditor

Protecting Yourself from Creditor Harassment

Protecting Yourself from Creditor HarassmentMost of us want to pay our bills in a timely manner, and we often try hard to work with creditors when we get behind. But some creditors are relentless, calling and writing incessantly in an attempt to collect a debt. Some will call at all hours of the day or night. Some will call your friends and neighbors. Some will badger and berate you over the phone. There are ways you can deal with overly aggressive creditors.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

In recognition of the abuses of debt collectors, Congress enacted the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, empowering the Federal Trade Commission to monitor and regulate for abusive, unfair or deceptive practices. The FDCPA prohibits a wide range of actions perceived as harassment or misrepresentation, including:

  • Calling outside of specific hours
  • Communicating information about a debt to a third party
  • Threatening actions that the creditor or collection agency cannot take
  • False statements about a debt owed

Taking Legal Action

If a creditor or collection agency violates the law, and refuses to stop doing so after a written request, you can take legal action in court. In many instances, if you can successfully show violation of the law, you can get attorney fees and court costs, in addition to statutory and other damages. However, the legal action will not necessarily make the debt go away. Even if you can demonstrate that a creditor or collector violated federal law, you will still owe the debt until you pay it or the creditor/collector discharges it.

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