How Do I Find a Trustworthy Bankruptcy Attorney?

Finding a Bankruptcy Lawyer You Can Trust

Making the decision to file a bankruptcy petition is a difficult decision. But choosing the best bankruptcy attorney for your situation can be even more intimidating and stressful. There are a lot of attorneys who will handle a bankruptcy for you. How do you know you are getting one you can trust, who will really do what’s best for you, and not simply take your money and run you through the same process as all their other clients?

Don’t Make Your Decision Entirely on How Much It Will Cost

Because you are already facing financial difficulties, it may seem wise and prudent to minimize the cost of a bankruptcy. Unfortunately, as with most things, you will likely get what you pay for. Many bankruptcy attorneys advertise flat fee arrangements, promising to complete your bankruptcy for a specific price. It’s important to understand that the only thing attorneys have to sell you is their time. So, for your case to be profitable to them, they need to minimize the amount of time they spend on it.

That’s not to say that you can’t be well-represented by an attorney charging a flat fee, but you want to be clear up front exactly what your attorney will do for that fee. For example, if a creditor challenges your filing, will the fee cover the costs of any legal proceedings? Probably not.

It’s Better to Hire Someone Who Focuses on or Handles Only Bankruptcy

Ask the prospective attorney how many years he or she has handled bankruptcy, as well as what percentage of the practice it comprises and how many bankruptcies the attorney has handled. If your case is not complex, you may be fine with a general practitioner for whom bankruptcy is a small part of the practice. But to get the best representation, you want a specialist.

Make Certain Your Attorney Understands the Revised Bankruptcy Code

Congress made significant revisions to the Bankruptcy laws in 2005. Your attorney should be up-to-date on all changes in the law.

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  1. My cousin is hoping to hire a bankruptcy attorney. I like your suggestion to choose one that focuses on bankruptcy law. I will pass along this tip to him so he can find a great attorney.

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