Shame Relief and Bankruptcy

Don’t Be Ashamed of Filing for Bankruptcy — The Law Is There for a Purpose

Shame is a common reaction from many people when they get to the point where they realize that a bankruptcy filing may be in their best interests. They are suddenly consumed with a tremendous feeling of shame — shame that they got themselves into this, shame that they didn’t do a better job managing their finances, shame that they will be perceived as a failure. Unfortunately, the power of shame can be overwhelming. It leads too many people to avoid bankruptcy, a tool specifically set up to help people in difficult circumstances.

Did you know that the right to protection in bankruptcy is set in the U.S. Constitution? It is doubtful that the framers of the Constitution considered bankruptcy a shameful endeavor or it’s unlikely they would have required Congress to enact laws establishing, regulating and governing bankruptcy.

The reality is that nearly everyone who files for bankruptcy really needs the protections set forth by – the Bankruptcy Code.

Before you balk on bankruptcy because of fears about your reputation, consider the following successful people who sought bankruptcy protection during their lives:

  • Milton Hershey (of Hershey’s chocolate)
  • Walt Disney
  • Ulysses Grant

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