John W. Hargrave Awarded 2010 – 2011 N.J. Bar Association Pro Bono Award

Bankruptcy Article by Daniel Reinganum

John W. Hargrave & Associates is proud to announce that on June 8, 2011 John W. Hargrave was awarded the 2010 – 2011 NJ Bar Association Pro Bono Award at the Fourth Annual Pro Bono Conference. The Pro Bono award is awarded to only one individual and one organization per year.

John W. Hargrave has been an active participant in the Rutgers Pro Bono Bankruptcy Project for nearly twenty years and has served as a member of the Project’s steering committee. During his time as a volunteer attorney John provided free legal representation to over 100 bankruptcy clients and mentored innumerable law students. According to the assistant director of the Pro Bono Bankruptcy Project, Pam Merstock-Wolfe, “the nature and sincerity of John’s commitment are even more impressive. He devotes his time to guiding clients through the bankruptcy process, while at the same time sharing with law students his expertise in client interviewing and bankruptcy.”

John is also a founding member of the Financial Literacy Project of the New Jersey Bankruptcy Lawyers Foundation and has gone to numerous area high schools to present a financial literacy program which teaches students about the true cost of credit.

We at John W. Hargrave & Associates are very proud of John and his receipt of this significant award. Congratulations John!

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