Bankruptcy is for the Rich and Famous Too!

As a people we love to watch a rising star. We love celebrities! Perhaps the only thing more noteworthy than the rise of celebrity is watching that celebrity stumble, trip, or fall. It is no coincidence that whenever a celebrity files for bankruptcy it makes the news. Fortunately for you and me, it is only the bankruptcies of celebrities that make the news. For the average Joe or Jane, there are no headlines and no news reports stating that they filed for bankruptcy. Everyone is entitled to their bankruptcy fresh start, the good news for us non celebrities is that nobody will hold us up to ridicule or embarrass us for needing to file.

In the last month legendary singer Dionne Warwick filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Terese and Joe Giudice filed a bankruptcy of their own in the last two years. To read about more celebrity bankruptcies, check out the following article over at the Bankruptcy Law Network.

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