Recovering From Chapter 7

In most cases, a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is discharged only a few months after the filing debt. So, an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Camden can get your family a fresh financial start almost immediately. Once you’re free of the obligation to repay many outstanding debts, what should happen then?

Why People File, and How Bankruptcy Helps

Some people file Chapter 7 in the wake of a short-term financial crisis, such as a job loss, a divorce or a serious illness. 76 percent of American families live from paycheck to paycheck, so most lack savings to weather these rough fiscal storms. Once you’re back at the starting line, you’re in a position to resume the spending and money management patterns that you exercised before.

Other people file bankruptcy because of a financial reverse. Perhaps income from a stock portfolio dried up due to the economic downturn, a home mortgage became unaffordable or a small startup business never really got started. Bankruptcy eliminates the debts that you cannot pay, which generally solves these problems.

Still others have made poor financial decisions. They’ve overspent on luxury items or amassed gambling debts. Bankruptcy, and especially the debtor education class, is a good way to reassess spending habits and get on the right track.

The truth is that most people file bankruptcy due to some combination of all these issues; for example, a family might have been barely able to service its credit card debt, and then a few days in the hospital put them permanently in the red.

Moving Forward

It’s very important to stay current on secured debts, like your car note and home mortgage. Paying your bills on time is the best way to build your credit score.

Once you receive a Chapter 7 discharge you may be inundated with credit card offers. That’s because the lenders know that you cannot file another Chapter 7 for another eight years. While there’s no need to go overboard, talk to your attorney about the best card for you. Charge something every month and pay off the balance every month, and your FICO score will go up even further.

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